Feel :: The world's first emotion sensor and well-being advisor.
Mahisi :: Ethically and sustainably crafted handbags. Designed in NYC by an Indonesian-born visionary, the bags are created by Indonesian women entrepreneurs. I wrote the "about," "our story," and bio.
Drift Riot :: Jewelry handmade in Richmond, VA. The line has received press from the likes of Refinery 29,  Instyle, Who What Wear Daily, and more.


The Path Meditation :: WELLNESS
 I handled all social media for The Path Meditation, one of NYC’s earliest meditation startups, from 2015-2017.

Shoot me an email at if you’d like to know more about how I helped grow their Instagram following almost 400% and can help you do the same.

The Impact Coach :: EXPERIENTIAL
From March 2016 - 2017, I was a freelance marketer and copy writer at experiential production company META. I helped write and edit website copy, artist bios, and e-mail marketing. In addition to leading efforts on Facebook and Twitter, I launched the company's Instagram account. I helped facilitate marketing efforts surrounding the 2016 Panorama Festival in NYC, for which the company created The Lab. META Experiences are crafted to combine intelligence, storytelling and artistry with live, immersive creative technologies—from AR to VR to interactive installations—to create unforgettable, awe-inspiring, highly shareable, and measurable moments.

Delphi Reclaimed :: LIFESTYLE
I am the foundress, editor-in-chief, and creative director of Delphi Reclaimed. The platform and community celebrates global Hellenic voices.

Marketing & social media samples available upon request.


I've written for everything from major national and regional publications to alternative zines. Below are selected editorial samples organized by publication.

Selling Self-Care: The Awkward Perils Of Going Mainstream
Hiring A Life Coach Can Be Seriously Shady. Here’s What You Need To Know.

 Rebecca’s Natural Food (posts + SEO)
All Natural Ways to Stay Healthy while Enjoying Summer
The Positive Economic Effects of Buying Local
Hemp and CBD Oil 101
Himalayan Salt for Health, Ambiance and Flavor

Shefari (posts + SEO)
Four Reasons Why An Offsite Team Building Retreat is a Must for Your Business
Short on Time, but Big on Wine? Visit These US Vineyards
Tips and Trip Ideas to Help you Master the Art of Travel

10 Awesome Renditions of Dolly Parton's "Jolene"
Zappa Songs for People Who Don't Get Zappa

Brooklyn Magazine
The 9 Best Old-School Italian Bakeries in Brooklyn
Beyond Serial: Podcasts You Should Start Listening to Today
New Women Space Asks: What Do Women Really Want?
A Tiny Bushwick Studio that Makes a Big Impact
Collage Master Caris Reid Merges Healing with Art
The Best Breakfast Sandwiches in Brooklyn
Brooklyn's Best Biscuits and Gravy
What is Kava and Should You Try It?
Lucy Dacus Waxes Philosophic On Wry Debut No Burden
Mighty Oak, an All-Female Brooklyn Animation Team, is Sprouting to Great Heights
Belle Shoals Has the Best Jukebox in Brooklyn :: restaurant review
Brooklyn's Best Outdoor Dance Parties


Sakara Life's S-Life Magazine
What is Mindfulness and When Does It Start Working
5 Podcasts You Need To Download Right Now
Is Gluten-Free For You?
Why You Should Replace Your Forks with Chopsticks
I Woke Up Like This
Why You Need to Rethink This Whole "Anti-Aging" Thing
Playlist ~ Burnt Out on Holiday Music Already?
Change is the Only Constant, Embrace it
5 Tantric Trips You Should Try Tonight
Selfless Selfishness 

NY Observer
Cover story:: For New Yorkers, Will Gourmet Delivery Become the New Seamless?
Brooklyn's Top Holistic Healers Use Instagram To Share Their Message
Self Hackathon Helps the Smart and Sexy Crowd Unlock Their Full Potential 

Dreamers//Doers Empowers Female Professionals with Knowledge and Egg Freezing Discounts

The Bridge, Brooklyn Business News
Love and Yoga in a Brooklyn Co-working Space
Seven Sips of Wisdom from the Kings of Whiskey

Bushwick Daily
Click here to see clips

Barstool review: Our Wicked Lady


Ginger, Issue 10
Photo essay series

Susie Magazine, Issue 1, Power
Conceptual digital poetry project