Strategy, creativity, & intuition intersect.

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My work is holistic, multi-faceted, and performed with care. Deadlines can be met while still providing the meticulous attention it takes to transform your story.

I combine over five years of writing for major national publications with consulting for brands and small businesses on social media, copy, and content strategy.

My non-digital work includes teaching yoga (RYT 200), meditation, and experimental movement. I have taught in corporate settings, co-working spaces, studios, Greek islands, and anywhere else people are willing to show up and be present.

I also created the event series Meditation and Tacos  to make meditation more fun and accessible. Thrillist and DoNYC have written about it! Keep an eye here for upcoming events. 

Classes, workshops, & events

Yoga for Planned Parenthood at Sky Ting Yoga Tribeca, Thursdays 8:30 PM
Sign up here :) 


Meditation & Tacos NYC, 4/10
Meditation & Tacos NYC, Cinco de Mayo edition, 5/6
Meditation & Tacos NYC, 11/14
Meditation & Tacos NYC , 1/9